"Multifactor authentication is a basic and essential security control by any standard and is no longer simply an optional consideration. It is a data security baseline standard essential. Without it, your business data and assets are at very serious risk." - APM

Multi-factor Authentication was once considered an advanced security mechanism. But that is no longer the case. APM considers multi-factor authentication, AKA MFA, essential to secure regular user business accounts from compromise.

Passwords simply are not enough. MFA is not an end all be all solution, however it is one of the most basic and easiest controls to implement to secure your business from easy attack. Can MFA be compromised as well? Sure. But it is not necessarily easy, when it is implemented correctly. Without MFA, you leave your accounts exposed to threat actors who can exploit access using very simple tools, to execute attacks via impersonation, data exfiltration, data destruction and through privileged access to networks. Compromised credentials usually go undetected, until it is much too late, well after a network breach has resulted in extensive data and asset compromise.

Get an MFA solution implemented in your business today.

With our Partner DUO and others, APM provides properly architected MFA solutions; an approach which provides a service that scales and adapts to application, user and security needs. Simply using devices your users already have, your business can benefit from a secure and user friendly solution, which offers your users control and peace of mind, while achieving the network access and authentication controls essential in today's enterprise. 

With years of experience designing, implementing and supporting MFA technologies for our clients, APM Systems is looking forward to ensuring your organizations security today. Protect the enterprise, protect your data and your critical business assets with MFA.

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